Somewhere There Creative Music Festival: Main

February 23-25, 2018

292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

Friday 23 February

in the main hall...

7pm    talk :: torontari-ari-ari-o: an observational improvisation from the late sixties to... now
John Oswald [bio]

8pm    Divergence Trio plays Applications [bio]
Emily Denison (trumpet) Susanna Hood (voice, dance) Scott Thomson (trombone, composition)

9pm    So Long Seven [bio]
Neil Hendry (guitar) Tim Posgate (banjo) William Lamoureux (violin) Ravi Naimpally (tabla)

late set in the southern cross lounge

10pm    The Ryan Driver Sextet
Ryan Driver (piano, celeste, voice) with Martin Arnold (guitar) Rob Clutton (bass) Michael Davidson (vibraphone) Nick Fraser (drums) Brodie West (alto saxophone)

Saturday 24 February :: matinee

in the main hall...

Composing for Improvisors: an afternoon of discussion, open rehearsal, and performance
2pm    Bea Labikova :: In Sensorium

3pm    Brian Abbott :: Soundpainting

4pm    Zach Clark :: I Ching Study No. 1

featuring Brian Abbott (guitar) Zach Clark (bass, electronics, harmonium) Bea Labikova (alto saxophone) Kayla Milmine (soprano saxophone)
Cheryl O (cello) Heather Saumer (trombone) Joe Sorbara (drums, percussion) Kristen Theriault (harp) Laura Swankey (voice)

Saturday 24 February :: evening

in the main hall...

7pm    Circuits Bending Frames: an evening of film and video by Laurie Kwasnik
featuring free improvisers from Toronto…
                        ...and free improvisers from Toronto
    [program/ bios]
featuring Jonathan Adjemian (analogue synth) Ryan Driver (analogue synth) Christine Duncan (soundsinging) Paul Dutton (soundsinging) Tiina Kiik (accordion)
Laurie Kwasnik (film & video) Mani Mazinani (analogue synth) Wes Neal (bass) John Oswald (alto saxophone) Slowpitch Sound (turntables) Laura Swankey (soundsinging)

late set in the southern cross lounge

10pm    Aurochs
Ali Berkok (piano) Pete Johnston (bass) Jake Oelrichs (drums) Mike Smith (electronics)

Sunday 25 February :: matinee

in the main hall...

2pm    open rehearsal :: Trombone Quartet
Tom Richards, Heather Saumer, Doug Tielli & Nebyu Yohannes rehearse new works for trombone quartet by Susanna Hood, Logan Mills, and Scott Thomson selected from among the submissions to our open call

4pm    Trombone Quartet performance
Tom Richards, Heather Saumer, Doug Tielli, Nebyu Yohannes (trombones)

Sunday 25 February :: evening

in the main hall...

7pm    Luan Phung Quintet
Luan Phung (guitar) with Matthew Chalmers (drums) Mark Godfrey (bass) James Hill (piano) Chris Rennie (tenor saxophone)

8pm    Heraclitus Akimbo [bio]
Joe Strutt (found sounds + keyboard loops)

9pm    Holger Schoorl Ensemble
Holger Schoorl (guitar, voice) with Jonnie Bakan (alto saxophone) Chantal Cornu (tuba) Emily Denison (trumpet) Bea Labikiova (soprano saxophone)
Paul Newman (tenor saxophone) Patrick O'Reilly (guitar) Heather Saumer (trombone)

late set in the southern cross lounge

10pm    Not The Wind, Not The Flag + Nilan Perera
Colin Fisher (saxophones, guitars, electronics) Nilan Perera (bass guitar, preparations) Brandon Valdivia (drums, percussion, electronics)

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