Somewhere There Creative Music Festival: Main

February 20-22, 2015

292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

advance tickets available online @ eventbrite

Friday 20 February

in the main hall...
7pm    talk: Weird loops: bridges to nowhere
Marie LeBlanc Flanagan (Weird Canada/Wyrd Arts Initiatives) [bio]

8pm    Transcombobulation
Jonathan Adjemian & Mike Smith (synthesizers) [bio]

9pm    Riverrun
Peter Lutek (woodwinds) Jake Oelrichs (drums) Scott Peterson (bass) Tom Richards (keyboards) [bio]

late set in southern cross lounge...
10pm    The Uplifters
Dave Clark (drums) Michael Herring (bass) Jason Kenemy (piano) [bio]

Saturday 21 February :: matinee

in the main hall...
1pm    talk: Not Noise
Allison Cameron

2pm    Denison Ballyk Davis
Emily Denison (trumpet) Mark Ballyk (drums) Brandon Davis (bass) [bio]

3pm    c_RL
Allison Cameron (electronics, toys, keyboards) Germaine Liu (percussion) Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet)

Saturday 21 February :: evening

in the main hall...
           Brodie West, solo
           Brodie West (alto saxophone) [bio]

           Rob Clutton & Randi Helmers
           Rob Clutton (5-string banjo) Randi Helmers (voice) [bio]

           The Muted Note
           Susanna Hood (voice, dance) Scott Thomson (trombone) [bio]

9pm    Brass Knuckle Sandwich
Marilyn Lerner (piano) Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet) [bio]

late set in southern cross lounge...
10pm    Friendly Rich & The Lollipop People
Rich Marsella (voice, guitar, clarinet)
   w/ David French (baritone saxophone) Sly Juhas (drums) Jon Meyer (bass guitar) Benjamin Mueller-Heaslip (piano)
   Nichol Robertson (guitar)

Sunday 22 February :: matinee

in the main hall...
1pm    workshop: Prepared Guitar: theory, practice & improvisation
Nilan Perera [bio]

2pm    junctQÍn Keyboard Collective
Elaine Lau, Joseph Ferretti & Stephanie Chua [bio]

3pm    improvisations
. Borach Mivola: Mike Laughington (strings) Tommasino Di Cracovia (percussion) [bio]
. W.A. Davison (objects) Nilan Perera (guitars, preparations) Rick Sacks (percussion)

Sunday 22 February :: evening

in the main hall...
7pm    The Imperative
Jay Hay (tenor saxophone) Karen Ng (tenor saxophone) Joe Sorbara (drums, percussion) [bio]

8pm    Imaginary Flesh
Andrew Collins (synth) Lisa Conway (synth) Rob Grieve (guitar) Cory Latkovich (cello) D Alex Meeks (drums) Karen Ng (alto saxophone) [bio]

9pm    Peripheral Vision
Nick Fraser (drums) Michael Herring (bass) Trevor Hogg (tenor saxophone) Don Scott (guitar) [bio]

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