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S O M E W H E R E   T H E R E    we tweet. we book faces and face books. we gram. freeze dried and everything.
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S O M E W H E R E   T H E R E   p r e s e n t s . . ., creative, outside-the-box, odd-ball, adventurous music in the city of Toronto:

All shows are on hold until further notice, friends.

Be kind to one another and stay safe.

In pre- (and, hopefully, post-) pandemic Toronto...

Second Sundays
On the Second Sunday of each month, Somewhere There presents two sets of creative music at the Array Space (155 Walnut Avenue) starting at 8pm. All events are are pay-what-you-can with a suggested cover of $10.

@ the Emmet Ray
On the third Sunday of each month, Somewhere there presents a set of of adventurous, outward looking jazz music at the Emmet Ray (924 College Street) starting at 6pm. These are pay-what-you-can events.

the Somewhere There Creative Music Festival
Once a year, in the coldest and shortest month Canada has to offer, Somewhere There gathers together performers and composers, thinkers, educators, and music presenters for a three-day celebration of the vitality and diversity of Toronto's creative music scene. The Somewhere There Creative Music Festival takes place at the TRANZAC, a long-time home for Toronto's musical adventurers and a warm, friendly place anytime, but especially in February.

+ an array of one-off presentations at an ever-changing list of local venues friendly to creative music such as the Array Space, Ratio, the TRANZAC, the Emmet Ray, and elsewhere.

Thank you for your commitment to impossible and unreasonable music-making and for your ongoing support.

Peter Gough, Bea Labikova, Naomi-McCarroll-Butler, Paul Newman, and Joe Sorbara

Rob Clutton Trio . Councel of Primaries

Rob Clutton (bass) Nick Fraser (drums) Karen Ng (alto saxophone)

available now from Bandcamp

Rob Clutton Trio . Councel of Primaries